Buzz bike hire

electric bicycle hire in london

We started with a vision of providing cycles for hire some time years ago and approached Transport for London with this idea and they confirmed that a hire scheme is soon to be launched all over town.  The London Cycle Hire Scheme was launched. This was great news as a sustainable Eco-Friendly form of transport was finally here.  

The "Boris Bike" arrived...!

However they are only good for very short journeys.  They are designed that way.

Now that technology has advanced at a rapid rate we are able to provide electrically power assisted bicycle for your pleasure.

There is no need to find a cycle dock.

Pedal power was soon to become a thing of the past for me, or so I thought.  However, my vision of cycling was not diminished as bicycle & technology became integrated and the electric-bicycle was becoming an attractive option. Technology has advanced at an incredible speed making eBikes lighter and more reliable.   The early bikes where too heavy and their batteries where unsafe had a short life span.  They are now more reliable than ever and can weigh less than of some conventional bikes.
Buzz Bike Hire is part of the Buzz Leisure Group whose sole purpose is to provide a Buzz to your Life.

Buzz Bike Hire was formed with assistance & guidance in many forms.  Perseverance and determination played a huge part in establishing Our Company and continuing with the cause to provide a sustainable electrical alternative to transport.