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electric bicycle hire in london


Electric Pedal Assisted Bicycles have been around for some time and now they have become attractive to many who like leisurely cycling.  They are just like a normal bicycle (2x wheels, handlebar, seat, pedals, and brakes) with the benefit of some added technology.  Incorporated into the bicycle is an electric motor, battery pack and control equipment.  The power/assistance system has three modes and there are 5 manual gears controlled by a twist shift setup which helps control of your ride and the effort you wish to use.  And just like a normal bike you need to pedal so competency is needed yet little strength is required when pedalling making the ride leisurely.  The power is only activated when you pedal.  The initial surprise will surely get the adrenaline pumping as you are propelled forward.  And as soon as you apply the brakes the power is disconnected.  It also cuts off when you stop pedalling. Ebikes are popular with cyclists who like to take in the surrounding and are not focused on speed.  All bikes are restricted to maximum assisted speed of 15.5 miles per hour (25KPH) for your safety & to meet the Legal requirements.  The power to the motor automatically cuts off when it reaches the limit so you can be reassured that you will not go too fast.   

We provide electric bicycles for hire in London.
Cycling is the best way to travel around London.
For the smart efficient explorer

Our Buzz Bikes are of a “step-through” design which makes them to easy mounting & dismounting.  This provides a sense of security and balance.  Once you being to move you will notice your riding skills may have automatically improved.  They are easy to ride and bring much joy to our riders. If you haven’t yet ridden an electrically power assisted cycle (ebike/EPAC) this may be a great opportunity to experience a Buzz Bike and explore London with pleasure and not strain. It could help create that memory not to forget.  A long life battery provides miles of cycling, and a battery power indicator will help you to decide when to start the return journey. 

We suggest a minimal of 2 hours rental.  Safe and Fun Leisurely Cycling.