electric bicycle hire in london

Business or pleasure?

“I like nothing better than being pampered whilst away from Home whether it's for Business or for Pleasure.

I like to venture out to local hot spots and discover more of the area regardless.

Usually a Scooter/Moped would be my first choice of transport whilst on holiday.  And private hire if on Business.
Hiring a scooter in London is not easy (Right License & Insurance required, Safety concerns too).

Hiring a car is much easier (Right License & Insurance required, fuel, parking, traffic jams, 'congestion charge' additional). It's not a practical thing to do.  Taxi is usually the choice but usually out of budget. Uber do good deals.
Boris Bikes gives me the option of a better way to get around and I like it.  It beats the traffic & it's cheap too.
I've done car hire, taxis, the tube & train and the buses. Walked around to many intriguing places and by far the best way around Central London is by bicycle (weather permitting).

eBikes are the only way to get to where I want to go without breaking a sweat, nor worrying about traffic jams or finding a parking place.  I get to my meetings filled with Energy and not drained by the journey.

I then have the strength & time to explore, usually it's for a good London Pub or/and a fantastic restaurant.

Buzz eBike Hire provides me that extra comfort as they offer collection of their eBikes from my hotel when I'm ready for rest.

I now use them for my leisurely visits to London with my partner.  He loves them"

"Power to the pedal..!  The Best invention of the 21st Century!

"No more commitment to returning the bike to a dock only to find no space."

"Ebikes are the only way to freely explore at MY pace."
"Buzz eBike Hire gave me the service and product I need.”

Buzz bike hire